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We offer custom made apparel, hats, car tags for ​all events and all ages including pets.  Birthdays, weddings, baby showers, vaca​tion, sports, graduations, proms,  and more...

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All shirts Start at 25$ With/Without Shirt for Adults/Front Only

Back of Shirt/ 10$

Glitter Material is 5$ extra Per word and Design

Shirts with multiple colors of words or designs are 5$ Per word and Design

All Kids Shirts Start at 15$ With/Without  Shirt For Front Only

Back of Shirt/10$

Glitter Material is 3$ extra Per word and Design

Shirts with multiple colors and multiple designs are 3$ words and Design

Custom Tags: Start at 10$ for White 

Black,Silver, andGold Tags  Start at 15$

Glitter is $5 Extra



Shirt orders that are 5 or More are 15$ Each With/With Out Shirt . Price goes down with bulk orders more than( 10)

For Front Only (Back) 20$ 

Dog Shirts start at 30$ Glitter and Multi Colors are 5$ Extra

Logos Start at 25$ If it needs to be fixed  and have multiple colors it will be 45$

Kids Party Pack: Service Allows Kids to Create Their Own Shirts 

Package 1: Includes 4  White Shirts/Only 3 Colors of Paint=50$

Package 2: Includes 8 (4) White Shirts (4) Black Shirts  3 Colors of Paint= 65$